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Product Makes Perfect

Haircare by Paul Mitchell


This company was started over 25 years ago and was and still is a collaboration of a Scottish hairdresser and his American friend. The friendship and business has flourished and one of the main objects was the intention of providing luxury haircare products without the need for any animal testing. They always use hairdressers as guinea pigs.

There are several groups of products which all cater for different hair problems. The Originals collection has high quality shampoos and conditioners, together with complementary styling products. The specialist products include a group with Tea Tree essential oil which is known for its healing properties and when the Tea Tree is within any product it leaves the user feeling refreshed.


Awapuhi Wild Ginger : when tradition meets technology


Inspired Awapuhi plant, known as Ginger Hawaii, Awapuhi Wild Ginger ® is an exclusive set of 10 luxury products with features and ingredients specially designed to restore dry, damaged hair. It has been shown that Awapuhi system repairs damage caused by heat from electrical appliances, chemical processes and aging, replacing each hair proteins and intensifying hydration.

✓ Professional treatment repairs hair by 80%. 
✓ The creamy and frothy shampoo, 100% free of sulfates,moisturizes and strengthens hair. 
✓ products style collection moisturise and protect at the same time. 
✓ The entire line product protects the color.


Keratin protein is vital to the strength and healthy looking hair element. Daily stress can damage the hair from the cuticle to the cortex. Keratin fibers located in the cortex are joined by peptide bonds. When one of these chains is broken, the hair becomes brittle and weak.

Mezla exclusive KeraTriplex ?? It is formed by a combination of three proteins with molecular weights specific penetrate the cortex and rebuilding those reinforcing chains interrupted cuticle. Hair instantly displays a healthier look with a long lasting protective shield that smoothes the cuticle and protects it from damage

Awapuhi. An essential classic beauty
used for centuries by Native Hawaiians to nourish and hydrate the skin and hair, this root extract, rich in lipids, has excellent moisturizing properties. Leave all kinds of soft, silky and moisturized hair.


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